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Thanksgiving Horror for your Viewing Pleasure

Experiencing a bit of post-Halloween letdown? Then check out my blog for a list of my Top 10 Thanksgiving-themed horror films to watch between now and Turkey Day.

1. Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County. Aliens attack a family during Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t you hate when unexpected guests drop by?

2. Blood Rage. A crazy man starts killing people after his twin brother – who he framed for murder – escapes on Halloween. Every family has that one person who can’t behave on the holidays!

3. Boogeyman. A man is stalked by the same supernatural entity that haunted him as a kid. Far worse than any Thanksgiving dinner tummy upset.

4. Home Sweet Home. Another escaped mental patient on a Thanksgiving kill spree. Best part – a KISS fan gets impaled with an electric guitar.

5. Intensity. A serial killer visits a family on Thanksgiving, and now one of the guests has to try and rescue someone he abducted. More commentary on holiday guest lists.

6. Kristy. A group of nasty college students decide to have some evil fun with a coed who’s decided to stay on campus for Thanksgiving holiday. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a dedicated student.

7. Thanksgiving. A weird homemade-style movie about a college film student who decides to film a movie at a deserted campground during Thanksgiving break. Truly a Thanksgiving turkey of a movie.

8. Blood Freak. A wacked-out film about a pothead who gets turned into a blood-thirsty turkey-headed creature by a crazy scientist. Best to watch this one after some of those special holiday brownies!

9. ThanksKilling. A demonic turkey stalks a group of students during Thanksgiving break. Featuring topless pilgrims and the greatest tagline ever: “Gobble, Gobble, motherfuckers!”

10. ThanksKilling 3. Turkie is back and badder than ever as he searches for the rumored sequel ThanksKilling 2. (yes, that’s actually the plot!)

Honorable Mention:

“Pangs,” the season 4 Thanksgiving episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where ancient evil pops up in the form of pissed-off Native Americans and we get a Thanksgiving lecture from Willow.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. I know, it’s not a turkey. Or even a Thanksgiving theme. But this Troma spoof does feature an ancient Indian burial ground and a cursed fast food chicken place where zombie chickens get their revenge. Need I say more?


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