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The Samlesbury Witches - guest post by Catherine Cavendish

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Midnight in the Graveyard - a great new anthology from Silver Shamrock Publishing

Get ready for one of the best anthologies you've read in a long time.

Captain Marvel Movie Review

Captain Marvel Review (no spoilers that haven't been seen in trailers):

Rating: Captain Marvel gets 5 out of 5 Power Blasters!

Quite simply, Captain Marvel is Marvel-ous. Andrea and walked out of the theater and the first 2 things we said were "I can't believe people have been giving this movie average reviews." and "This was better than Wonder Woman."

Now, for the details.

This is non-stop action from beginning to end. Even the few part where they have the obligatory talking, such as when Marvel and Fury are driving or sitting and talking, or when Marvel is reunited with her old pilot friend, are kept to a minimum and the conversations are short.

People have complained on line that the movie spends too much time on her backstory. Bull. It's done very effectively and it's just as exciting as the events that take place in real time.

As always, there is just the right mix of humor in the movies, with all the characters, even the bad…