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Doors Close, Doors Open - The Samhain Situation

So, here are my thoughts on the closing of Samhain Publishing. Yes, I know others have beaten me to the punch on this, but honestly, I’ve been so caught up in my writing, work, and Women in Horror Month blogs that I just didn’t have time to write anything until now.

I doubt my words are going to shock anyone who knows me or who’s talked to me about this over the past few days.
The closure of a small press publisher isn’t that big a deal.
Sure, it sucks for the authors who were published through them (including myself), and for the people employed by the company (some very nice, wonderful, and talented people who I’ve really loved working with the past 2 years). But, in terms of the greater publishing world, this is only going to cause a ripple, not a tsunami.
It’s a sad truth that small press publishers come and go. Some last for years, as Samhain did. Others flare and burn in only a few months. The reasons for this vary – poor business models, poor sales, poor marketing, bad business ta…

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