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What, no zombies?

Today's blog comes to you courtesy of Russell R. James, who just happens to be an exceptional writer and all-around nice guy (despite what you might think from his book titles!). His latest novel is Q ISLAND, a post-apocalyptic tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I could tell you more, but instead I'll let Russell give you the scoop himself:
What, no zombies?
Guest Blog by Russell R. James

Believe it or not, I managed to wrote a post-apocalyptic story without zombies in it.

I thought about it. The genre is hot, the readers voracious. But I wanted to do something different, something more terrifying. I mean there are some zombie scenes where the shambling, unthinking, undead are pretty easy pickings. Unless they are in a group you need to be pretty stupid to get yourself bitten as long as you can manage to even jog a few hundred yards.

So in Q Island, when a 30,000 year old virus starts to run amuck, people don’t become the walking dead. They don’t even die. The virus turns them into psychotic killers with amazing physical strength. They don’t shamble after you, they hunt you. They don’t sniff the air and wander in your direction. They actively plan an attack and swiftly react when you defend yourself. A mob of the undead is scary, but even one person infected with the Paleovirus is terrifying.

In the story, Melanie Bailey’s autistic son, Aiden, becomes infected. But he doesn’t get sick. In fact, some of the symptoms of his autism decrease. The boy most saw as a burden to society now might be the key to saving it. But Melanie has to get him to people who can find a cure, people outside the quarantine zone dropped around what everyone now calls Q Island. With the help of some neighbors, she sets out to do just that.

But the infected are everywhere. And one other person on the island has survived infection. Small time criminal Jimmy Wade has survived infection and developed a psychic ability over the infected. He now runs a gang living off the scared inhabitants in this near-lawless place. He thinks Aiden will be his key to extending his psychic control to the uninfected as well. He sets his gang hot on the boy’s trail.

I think you’ll like this post-apocalyptic thriller, even if it completely without zombies. It’s on sale everywhere starting on July 7th. Give it a try and go viral.
To pick up a copy of Q ISLAND, visit the Amazon Page  Q Island by Russell James. And follow Russell on his own page,


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