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Great new review of The Cure from Horror Novel Reviews:
"J.G. Faherty’s The Cure is a terrifically written novel in the truest sense of the word horror. I think of it as a wild elevator ride where every floor is a new level within the story, and when the door opens on some of those levels, I wanted to peek my head out of the door, have a quick look, shut it, and get the hell away from there."
"It’s a wild read with many unexpected turns. Faherty’s got a flair for this stuff as evidenced by his vast output of short stories and novels. Anyone who can write lines like, “It was napalm igniting in his veins, hammers pounding his bones, giant hands twisting each of his organs.” has got the stuff needed to craft a good horror novel. J.G. Faherty’s, The Cure, is worth the read."


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