When Demons Are Real Guest blog by Russell James   Russell James isn’t just a great writer, he’s a good friend. So whenever he wants to guest blog about something, he’s welcome here. This time around he’s promoting his new novel, Demon Dagger , a chilling tale about a demon out for revenge and the man who has to protect his family from it. It's a great book and you should by it. But this guest blog has even more nightmare fuel - it's about a true case of demonic possession. The perfect kind of stuff for the spookiest month of the year. So strap yourself in!   Demonic possession always makes for a good horror story. JG Faherty’s The Wakening is a good example, or try my new one Demon Dagger . But when it comes to possession, truth can be far scarier than fiction. Documented tales of possession occur as far back as Biblical times. Many of these are easy to dismiss as non-supernatural phenomena misinterpreted by primitive people. But how about a case from 2011,
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